Import the Bootstrap Framework into your Rails project.

Install Dependencies

In the root of your project directory run:

yarn add bootstrap copycat-brunch

Open up your brunch_config.js and make the following modifications.

npm: {
  styles: {
    // Location of minified css within the bootstrap package
    // To view the contents of any installed package look
    // inside the node_modules folder
    bootstrap: ['dist/css/bootstrap.css']

  globals: {
    $: "jquery",
    "jQuery": "jquery",
    breakfast: "breakfast-rails",

    // Expose bootstrap js globally
    bootstrap: "bootstrap"

plugins: {
  copycat: {
    // Copy bootstrap fonts. These will go into the public/assets/fonts folder
    "fonts": ["node_modules/bootstrap/dist/fonts/"]

npm.styles: Object: a mapping from package name (string) to an array of stylesheet paths (relative to package root) to be included into the build.

By using the npm.styles option Brunch will automatically place the contents of the stylesheet into the main app.css.